Stotis District. Best Selection - Best Price - Trusted Payments Since the lockdown has changed the way Christmas will be celebrated this year, Vilnius, the … Vilnius Christmas Tree, Lithuania, photo by Saulius Žiūra. Užupis: a Republic Inside Vilnius. As the most awaited holidays draw nearer, the official opening of the […] Christmas Fairs. O Christmas trees, o Christmas trees. Try this festive tour around Vilnius Downtown and wave to all the people and cars you meet! 30th Nov -03rd December. Measuring some 27 metres in height, the Vilius Christmas tree has 6,000 branches, collected while foresters were carrying out essential maintenance work in the Lithuanian forests, making this a truly sustainable as well as beautiful Christmas tree. 19 November, 2020 | Vilnius 9° Kaunas 9° Klaipėda 10° Šiauliai 9° Panevėžys 9° Alytus 9° Nida … Back in the second decade of the 20th century, Christmas was celebrated in Eastern Lithuania for four days. Catch a Christmas Concert at the National Philharmonic Hall. The Vilnius Stotis District surrounds the city’s bus and train stations. Participants in the event will be entertained by Artūras Novikas' jazz ensemble JAZZ ISLAND and singer Aldegunda. The Christmas trees of Vilnius have become trendsetters thanks to their original themes, unique decorations and the magical atmosphere they evoke. 3 min read. We'll help you explore some of the top-rated Christmas markets in Europe, two of which claim to have invented the custom of public Christmas trees. Vilnius Airport in Lithuania may have just created the least festive Christmas tree of all time – comprised of knives, bullets, scissors, lighters and blades. Christmas story will be recounted on the wall of the Cathedral in 3D on 25-29 December. The real Santa Claus descended from Korvatunturi in northern Finland to light the giant Christmas tree on Cathedral square. 5 days ago. And no town would be a real Christmas town without a Christmas … The main Christmas tree is lit up at Cathedral Square in Vilnius, Lithuania, Nov. 28, 2020. I’m looking at booking a weekend in Vilnius for mine and my husbands anniversary in December. The Christmas tree is made from confiscated items. — Unlike many news and information platforms, Emerging Europe is free to … Iuliia Tore. The playful Christmas tree lighting ceremony in the Town Hall Square will start on 1 December, at 5.00 p.m. Vilnius (Lithuanian pronunciation: [ˈvʲɪlʲnʲʊs] (), see also other names) is the capital of Lithuania and its largest city, with a population of 587,581 as of 2019. Christmas is also an important opportunity for the city to attract foreign visitors, according to a press release by the Vilnius administration. 4 Days Vilnius Christmas Market Weekend Break, a 4 days Vilnius Christmas & New Year tour. All events Festivals Concerts Free Admission Performances Exhibitions For children Open Air Sport Excursions Other Show list. Public Christmas Trees have recently become a part of Christmas … December 8, 2017 Ludo Segers Freetime 0. Christmas, like Easter and Pentecost, was considered the biggest holiday of the year. Vilnius, Lithuania is a magical yet underrated destination during Christmastime. And this time around the Christmas tree is bound to be a reflection of the exceptional year. The markets, activities, and decorations become more plentiful and cheery each year, making the city really come to life during the cold, dark winter. MINSK, 8 December (BelTA) - The traditional Christmas biathlon race will take place on 28 December. Vilnius Moves Christmas to Balconies. Christmas Celebrations in Vilnius: For the best Christmas in Lithuania, you must personally plan a visit rather reading about it or hearing about it from others. In 2019 Vilnius Christmas tree was awarded the title of the Most Beautiful Christmas Tree in Europe. The Vilnius Christmas tree is exactly that – surreal, unexpected yet amazing nevertheless,” says Remigijus Šimašius, mayor of Vilnius. Pictures: Go Vilnius. The giant Christmas tree on Cathedral square makes it year after year into the top ten of most beautiful trees in Europe, a bit like the clockwork that is this year's theme. Christmas tree in Vilnius is most often ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful Christmas trees. In Vilnius Christmas market you will be able to treat yourself with a delicious festive treat, mulled wine and experience the real joy of Christmas. This year the city has also come up with alternative and digital ways to continue with Christmas celebrations while ensuring public safety. 61 percent of tourists chose Vilnius as their travel destination to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, and over 90 percent of them rated city markets and decorations as excellent or very good. Over 50 cosy decorated wooden Christmas Market houses are filled with seasonal treats and various handmade gifts. Christmas Celebrations in Lithuania are at its best in the capital city of Vilnius. Furthermore, a Christmas village is set next to each of these trees, where you will find tasty festive treats and gifts for your loved ones. The third big reason (literally), is the facade of Vilnius Cathedral, which annually becomes a giant screen projecting a 3D Christmas tale, loved by the people of Vilnius … This time the decorated Christmas tree resembles a queen figure from the game of chess. Vilnius Christmas Train has become somewhat of a holiday tradition and you should join for a ride too! Some Vilnius food tours tailor their itinerarires to visit a local restaurant to make and try this festive speciality. 2020-11-04 - 2020-11-22 European Film Forum “Scanorama” Online. Music is an integral part of Lithuanian culture, so come Christmas, there's a generous list of festive musical events across the city. On the evening of December 1st, 2017, Christmas season has officially started in Vilnius as the main Christmas Tree was lit at the Cathedral Square. The Christmas Eve in Lithuania is a special occasion with very old and deep traditions. Although every region of Lithuania has some particular traditions or some special dinner recipes, today I will talk mainly about the Christmas Eve traditions in the northern part of Lithuania. The annual lighting of the Vilnius' Christmas tree was held on Saturday evening, officially kicking off the holiday season celebrations in the Lithuanian capital. Grand Christmas Fair in Vilnius. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, welcomes the holiday season by lighting up one-of-a-kind Christmas tree which differs greatly from its predecessors. A Vilnius Christmas Mood. And this time around the Christmas tree is bound to be a reflection of the exceptional year. The Christmas spirit, thousands of lights– it’s a fairy tale under the open sky. Light It Up: Vilnius Reimagines Christmas with Never-Before-Seen Christmas Tree and Digital Fairs. According to reporting by The Independent, the tree took just over two weeks to build and was made from objects which were taken from passengers traveling through security. The Vilnius Christmas Town is the bustling Christmas Market held at Cathedral Square. The giant tree made it again into the top ten of most beautiful trees in Europe, possibly anywhere. The Vilnius Christmas market takes place in the historic center; stalls sell seasonal treats and handmade gifts. In 2019 Vilnius Christmas tree was awarded the title of the Most Beautiful Christmas Tree in Europe. The Christmas season begins with a charity bazaar coordinated by the International Women's Association of Vilnius at Town Hall, where Santa Claus greet children and foods and products from around the world are available for sale. Nowhere in Vilnius is the holiday spirit more alive than here. Dzinara Alimbekava and Anton Smolski will represent Belarus … Plan your visit now for Vilnius’ Christmas celebrations, which are open from November 26 until December 29, 2016. While Vilnius is a relaxing city break getaway, if you’re planning a longer trip, consider adding the other Baltic States to your itinerary. Vilnius, 28 November: As the most awaited holidays draw nearer, the official opening of the season of celebrations is usually marked by lighting public Christmas trees. Photo: vilnius_kaunas_palanga_airport via Instagram. Over the years Vilnius has received a lot of global attention for its unique and stunning Christmas tree installations. No matter which year you visit, you can expect a Christmassy Vilnius eager to welcome you! And we are getting spoiled, because each year it’s harder and harder to impress us. In 2019 Vilnius Christmas tree was awarded the title of the Most Beautiful Christmas Tree in Europe. — Top photo by Saulius Ziura, courtesy Go Vilnius. Seeing the iconic building come to life with accompanying music is a feast for the eyes and ears of children and adults alike. Answer 1 of 3: Yes, I’ve said it, the C word, in June!! Instead of inviting the masses to a magical Christmas town like in the past, this year it has been designed to be safely admired at a distance. The Vilnius Christmas market is the highlight of winter in Lithuania with Cathedral Square being home to one of the most stunning Christmas trees in the world. Go See. Lithuania's current and historic capitals, neighboring Vilnius and Kaunas, still compete to have the best and most original Christmas markets. 24 days left till Christmas. The ticket is only 2 Euro and the train “station” is located at a special stop opposite Cathedral Square. It is a high time to safely buy gifts without leaving home – there are nearly 200 e-shops waiting in the online Christmas Town of Vilnius ready to make various Christmas wishes come true.

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