Made from the shell of cocoa beans during the roasting process, cocoa shell is then recycled into an outstanding mulch. Attractive brown color that emits and retains water. 0. The cocoa smell goes away after a bit, but each new spring, I put down a layer of topsoil over the cocoa shell mulch and then put a new layer of the cocoa shell mulch. ... Blommer shell mulch^Made up of the outside shell of the cocoa bean^It is an attractive brown color which admits and retains water and never becomes soggy^Will not bleach out^Available in 2-cubit feet 1.5 cu. Brand: INVESTMENT RECOVERY SERV. the full report. Cocoa shell mulch has an approximate fertilizer value of 2.5-1-3; it will not burn vegetation A wholly organic mulching material made from the outer shell of the cocoa bean The material breaks down slowly and will not disappear into the soil Apply in the spring or summer to help reduce weeds and conserve water Comes in 2-cubic feet bag View details. Cocoa shell mulch has an approximate fertilizer value of 2.5-1-3, it will not burn vegetation. Mulch Benefits Mulch is any layer of organic or inorganic materials spread over the soil. Just spread easyMulch, add water and watch it grow! That's a long list of benefits for a small investment. Terry mentions cocoa shell mulch, which many gardeners have used with great success. Select a Store; Weekly Flyer; 1-888-985-6937; FAQs; Contact Us; Sign In. Many gardeners enjoy the sweet smell and attractive appearance of cocoa shell mulch. It has been fed to pigs in quantities of up to 2 kg per day. Some of the more common ways cocoa mulch is used is around in flower beds, around trees, along sidewalks and garden paths and on the edges of lawns. Also consider the possibility that dogs could be harmed if they eat the mulch. Warning: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer andbirth defects or other reproductive harm. ft. Black Mulch (1415) Model# 88559180 $ 3 33. Helps reduce weeds, conserves water, insulates in the winter and adds nutrition to the soil. A: Cocoa shell mulch, also called cocoa mulch, cocoa bean mulch, cocoa bean shell mulch, or cocoa bean hull mulch is simply the shell of the cocoa bean. Catherine deVeer says: May 18, 2016 at 3:45 pm I have a dog that will eat absolutely anything that smells like food, and he has never touched the cocoa shell mulch. Q: Do you know where I can buy cocoa mulch in Atlanta? For example Cocoa shell are used for Pig livestock. If the product has not been certified theobromine free. depth. shredded hardwood bark, and shredded cypress bark..." Read Product helps retain moisture and suppresses weeds. Cocoa beans grown on trees, and after harvest and processing, are shelled, with the beans processed further to make all sorts of chocolate products. Find mulch at Lowe's today. These shells come off the bean during the roasting process and are separated from the beans by strong air action, thus insuring a dry weed-free product. Blommer Cocoa Shell Mulch 2cu ft - Covers Up to 24sq ft at 1in Thick Made up of the outside shell of the cocoa bean. Item #290301. It’s not too late to get your Christmas gifts! Margo Garden Products Decorative Pebble collection offers hand-picked pebbles manicured to enhance all areas. Cocoa bean mulch is also called cocoa mulch, cocoa hull mulch, and chocolate hull mulch. We've got you covered! Collect £9.00 Delivered* £10.50 OFFER - BUY 5 GET 1 FREE! Wallace Farm. It also smells divine - like chocolate. being used on "Curb Cocoa shell mulch is a lightweight mulch so it doesn't provide a deep bedding environment conducive to slugs. However, it can develop mold in wet or damp areas, and had a toxic reaction if consumed by dogs (though most dogs don't try and eat it). on how to dress up the outside of your house. Earthgro 1.5 cu. Smells like chocolate so they will attempt to eat it. Item #1499908. What causes this mold? Need a wheelbarrow? aromatic cocoa shell can be used anywhere in your landscaping, garden, It's the same chemical that's in chocolate and the reason dogs should not eat chocolate. Cocoa shell mulch is derived from the shell of the cocoa bean. is for Shop mulch and a variety of lawn & garden products online at Many gardeners and landscaping professionals choose this type of mulch due to its striking colours, which range from chocolate brown to a deep burgundy or red. I’m not a veterinarian but there does seem to be credible evidence that the chemical theobromine found in cocoa shell mulch can harm dogs if they consume it. … Blommer 2 cu ft Premium Cocoa Shell Mulch… Vigoro 2 cu. Most people know that chocolate is toxic to dogs. Shipping the shells down here is too expensive compared to locally available pine bark chips. It has been fed to pigs in quantities of up to 2 kg per day. Shipping the shells down here is too expensive compared to locally available pine bark chips.If you find a source, be aware that the mulch gets moldy easily after rains. Hull Farm® Cocoa Shell Mulch 2cu ft An organic mulching material made from the outer shell of the cocoa bean. "One of the most ignition resistant of the organic mulches When cocoa beans are roasted, the shell separates from the bean. Cockle Shell Mulch Consists of: Whole Cockle Shell Mulch from the Shellfish Industry. Earth® Cocoa Mulch shells are a true “Premium” shell that are double screened for consistency which provides the best-looking shells for the highest quality gardens.