Edit: By more reliable, I mean that in two Kimbers I had about 3-5 failures to feed per 200 rounds. I have a Kimber, I love it. Here goes. Money is a little bit of a factor. I love the look, feel, and most of all, reliability that I've gotten out of my guns. I would only ever buy a Series I Kimber (i.e., used) if I had to make the choice again with the knowledge I now have. This is the perfect opportunity to wax poetic about firearms history for a bit. SPringfield Loaded series all the way. This Kimber trigger also feels better . 1911 Vs. CZ 75: Two Legendary Guns Go Toe To Toe. The Kimber doesn't like really cheap gun show special magazines (which I have a bunch of). At first glance, it may seem somewhat odd to read a story comparing a 1911 with a CZ 75. But, don't forget Springfield now has the I.L.S. The 1911 is as American as apple pie, and the CZ 75 was born behind an iron curtain of communism. I don't know anything about the newer ones so I can't comment on them. Mine is parkerized black (the photo is currently floating of the first page of r/1911). It is .45 Black Stainless that has adjustable night sights. Older Kimbers were great but since they started tinkering with the design things don't always run correctly. The platform’s title is a dead giveaway to the year the gun went into production but did you know there’s a cool backstory, too? Being able to shoot accurately and comfortably before wasting expensive .45 ammo learning to shoot is definitely a plus. My Springfield (loaded) needed to have sharp edges rounded for carry and the rear sight locked down. Also changed the springs to all Wolff. I looked at Kimbers and Springfields as well as several other weapons when I went looking. The best value in a modern 1911 is a toss up between Springfield Armory and Sig. I have owned four Kimbers and owned seven Colt 1911s. Find a Retailer I just now got to the 500 round mark and it's been great. I not had any issue with my Kimber Stainless II. I give the nod to the Kimber. The Colt has the Series 80 mechanical firing pin safety I think. Also suspect the tighter tolerances versus a GI made 1911, I don't know. I prefer Kimber, the springfields look great and are priced great as well. Frankly, I've had pretty darned good luck with both SA and Kimber. FTF all the damn time well past the break in period. This will be the first firearm I own. Most 4" or 5" models will weigh more than the XD (36-40oz vs 30 oz for the XD), unless you get a LWt model which weigh about 27oz. Just keep her clean and oiled up. I have looked at both. My Kimber has required no work what so ever. Well first firearm is misleading. This year, I bought a 9mm RO and I really like shooting it. Pass on the Remington unless you get a great deal. The firing pin block is an abomination, but they used to make guns without them. Back in the late 1800’s – and I mean really late, as in 1899 – the United States was involved in a battle with the Moros. Here is my spin. It comes with night sights and other upgrades that you would probably want to make on a mil-spec anyway. I shot my friend's and it is very nice. They made a name for themselves when they were in Clackamas and have pissed on it every chance they've gotten since moving to Yonkers. I don't know about Kimbers customer service, because I havn't needed it but from what I've read it seems that people are pretty much satisfied with the return time and quality of repair, I've heard negative comments about Kimber service and I've read negative comments about Springfield service, seems to be a dead heat. Sent back to Kimber (HORRIBLE customer service, btw), came back with the same problem. The Auto-Ordnance 1911 is a close copy of the WW2 M1911A1. But I like the feel of the TLE II better. My local Dealer gets $610.00 for a Kimber Custom Classic and a little more for a Springfield Loaded, btw, my Springfield was the Loaded model. Both come out to about the same price, so on a mark for mark, just comparing firearms, which is the better firearm? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sig's Officer frames have a 3.3-inch barrel; the Kimber Ultra pistols have a 3-inch barrel. My son talked me out of it and his house was broken in and it was stolen. Love it. I bought my first Springfield 1911 in 2003. Hey Thanks everybody, keep the comments coming, but I do have another question are the Springfields made in Brazil? Added a Kimber mainspring with mag well and couldn't be happier. No failures. Springfield Vs Colt Vs Kimber 1911 And Wilson Colt 1911 Parts is best in online store. IMHO I wouldnt buy a 1911 .45 as your first firearm. It seems that you either get a lemon or you get the greatest gun, from what I've read on many forums. My 1911 gunsmith told me to buy a mil spec 1911 $550-650 and for about another $1000 it would keep up with my caspian. I personally dislike the look of the loaded (the flair at the end of the slide). The people at the factory are always friendly and are just a phone call away to answer any question you have no matter how simple or complicated. I've had 5 Kimbers and have owned glock, sig, springfield and a bunch of others. NO I have friends who own both, They favor the KIMBER. It had been accurized and fitted with BoMar sights by the master USAF pistol team armorers at Lackland Air Force Base when its former owner was an airman. What are your thoughts? Springfield 100%. Between the two I would definitely take the Kimber, having owned both guns I now only own the Kimber. I just replaced my Lightweight Champion Loaded with the 45ACP. I've already decided. So a competition shooter isn't needed, but reliability is priority number 1. PLUS it's made in AMERICA... Everybody keeps talking about Kimber's "new fangled" safety. It sucks people have so many problems with Kimber these days. Colts.........Did I Mention I Love Colts? I have a stainless S.A. thats had a thousand rounds thru it without a hitch. Kimber has goos pistols, bit they are now pricing themselves into the semi-custom market. Shooters with more experience than I had learned that GI spec magazines designed for 230-grain round-nose Full Metal Jacket weren’t … A non-II Kimber is ok. NRA-USAF (SAC) Vietnam era Vet, Kimber Custom Defender II-Girsan 1911.45 (Hard Chrome)Franchi I-12 Diamond Semi-Auto engraved Shotgun, Mauser 8 MM Sport rifle, High Standard .22 Revolver,.22 Rifle, 20 Gage Shotgun, Phoenix HP.22 Pistol, Ruger SR22 Pistol. The LGS has a Springfield TRP and Kimber TLE II new in stock. If I had to choose between the two......I would choose a Colt! Written by: Travis P Self Defense 23 Comments Print This Article. All of my Colts were also excellent, accurate, dependable, and well finished. I also have a series 80 Colt Government Model, a Colt Commander, an SA GI and an SA Ultra Compact. That being said I did have a few problems with the Kimber out of the box. My vote goes for the Springfield. The Moros were Muslims residing in the Southern Philippines and the conflict in question was the P… The SA 1911 models are fine weapons. Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! The meltdown treatment had much fewer sharp edges. Kimber is a bull barrel , Colt bushing . Just over 100 rounds (brand new). Of course the springfield feels much nicer in the hand. The MilSpec is considered to be a good base gun when building a custom and the Kimber is similar to build on but has some frills as standard. Regards, Richard. From my personal experience, Springfield had less failures and was simply more reliable than the Kimber Custom II and the Kimber TLE II that I had tried. My Sig Sauer 2022, btw, has never had a single problem for hundreds of rounds now. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Single letter (dont remember if M or N) is Brazil. A-O's is actually the closer clone, because the Springfield uses non-authentic grip panels, and has the lock in the mainspring housing. When it came time to purchase my own 1911, I went with the Springfield Loaded. Just my cents worth. Dollar for dollar kimber hands down. I own Kimber, SIG & S&W and commonly work on Colt and Springfield in the 1911 platform. Differences Between Sig 1911 vs Kimber 1911 Pistols Let’s go over some minor differences. Thanks Too old and too beat up to care; hiding from our caring politians. in semi auto the 1911 is the best and of all the 1911's the Kimber rocks right out of the box. The gun I purchased is the Stainless Gold Match. But I just wanted to know everyone's thoughts on which of these two guns to get. I'm not sure how much the price of the mil-spec you're looking at is but a Springfield loaded parkerized can be had for 750-850. Springfield Armory has taken the opposite approach. Just my preference I have a series 70 with adjustables on it and would honestly lime the replace them with something else. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I had the Springfield trigger worked on around 10 years ago (to match the Kimber) and had night sights put on it this spring. Anything you pick I would be willing to bet you will enjoy it, but I am a fanboy for a 1911.